The last pda i purchased was a clie T615c with 16mb of ram. I used a combination of pi direct and launcherx to run programs off the memory stick whenever possible and found it a horrible hassle and initially very confusing. That was an OS 4 device though. I had thought that one of the features of OS 5 was better support for running software from memory cards.

I've been following along with the memory contraversy as I've been foaming at the mouth waiting for the gsm treo 650 all these months. Has palm really made so little progress with their OS that running applications off of the memory card still requires what is essentially a 3rd party hack? I had a pocket pc for a short time and while I really couldnt get used to the user interface, having grown up on a palmV, installing and running apps from memory card was EASY.

From what i've been reading over at treonaughts and over here, it seems pi direct is still required. Doesn't the palm launcher have any kind of support for apps on SD? I'm fairly certain that I would max out the 32mb and I can't believe i'd be back in the same situation I was in 3 years ago with my clie.