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    FYI, I installed a new battery from Laptops for Less yesterday. It appears that the transplant went fine, but just a reminder - sync your Treo before installation - I had to do a cold reboot, and of course lost the few days' data from between. Otherwise, things look up.
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    I too replaced my 300's battery. I got the replacement from It's not an OEM battery; it's obviously a clone.

    Two things of interest: First, the replacement battery wasn't shaped exactly like the original; in fact, it was slightly larger. This meant I had to shave down the two screw posts on the inside of the 300 (between which the battery lives). Second, the new battery did not have the little circuit board that the original had. I'm not sure what its purpose is (probably something to do with voltage control while being recharged), but suffice to say it's not there.

    Just adding to the thread...

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