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    Recent thread of Mac vs PC so boring!!! Useless offtopic flame information almost completely!

    On Mac, the Palm software *gosh* very bad! BUT if one use other software, much much better.

    Mark/Space company make "Missing Sync" (find with google). I bought the soft because I know from old days, Mac Palm Desktop is bad garbage. With MS, no need to use Palm Desktop! Much better! Work more like Mac.

    Set-up VERY hassle. Restarts, multiple installs (updates, iSync conduit, do I need the Palm soft also, or no??). But after install: sync Bluetooth, iCal, Address Book, plus semi-lame iTunes and iPhoto integration. Use Treo with 1GB card like a flash drive. Share Mac Internet connection to Palm.

    I buy Treo 650 because hardware good. Palm OS is a little crusty and Mac support is horrible. But "Missing Sync" make better than PC with Palm soft, for this opinion.

    Very not perfect! But Palm OS not very perfect either: use third-party tools to harmonize the exciting Treo 650 hardware and Mac livingstyle.

    Good luck!
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    LOL! Thanks Mr Wu for very enjoyable post!
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