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    Just upgraded to 650 and loving it, except for lack of products to redirect email from my corporate server (not ME2003). I was using Symmetry Pro on a T300 before upgrading. Visto is gone now, and SymPro won't work on the 650 and is soon to be gone anyway. I hate Sprint BizConn because I send a lot of emails from my handheld and the lookup feature is terrible (it takes less time to write out the entire email address than it does to use the lookup feature). I'm currently trying out Inboxtogo, but the fact that it pulls emails only every 15 minutes and doesn't have auto schedule is very limiting. I tried Sproqit for a minute, but it seemed quite buggy -- lots of random letters -- maybe too many programs installed at once? Wish there was a way I could use VersaMail. It looks like a good program, but no way to get my outlook emails redirected to it. I don't need calendar or contacts. Just email. HELP!
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    Have you tired Notifymail?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Have you tired Notifymail?
    my company is on MS Exchange (not 2003), which is not supported by notifymail (according to their website). Thanks for the suggestion.
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    did you get your e-mail working with sproqit yet?
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    no. I'm using BizCon, though I really don't like several features. For example, when you hit REPLY ALL, it automatically sends a copy of my outgoing email back to me. I've never seen that before on any email program, handheld or otherwise. Also, no way (apparently) to delete names from the "recipient" list that appears at the bottom of the lookup screen. I was on the phone with Sprint for almost an hour this morning -- made it up to level 2 tech support -- and they couldn't give me a solution.

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