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    so has anything been mentioned about a "high-output" battery... I mean this is a serious battery already but I am always looking to max out my caustic juices. I'd shell out $99 for a batter that nearly doubled the battery life...

    *this is not a complaint... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my treo650 with 16.6mb of space still on it...
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    Hmm... I doubt there will be one available. If PalmOne had used a molded battery that fit on the 650 instead of battery that fit inside a case, then perhaps. However, it may be possible to create a battery sled that connects via the multiconnector similar to the way the external battery to the Treo 600 works...
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    I think there will be one out soon
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    I agree with gfunkmagic. Placing a battery of exactly the same size as the one that comes with it AND has increased capacity might be feasible. However, charging issues as well as heat issues may restrict any meaningful increase in capacity. Wouldn't it just be easier to get a 2nd battery as the Treo 650 was intended to use?

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