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    I'm receiving my 650 on Friday and I'm totally new to all this.


    Outside of what it comes with, what would you say is the essential software to get for it?

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    It all depends on how you want to use the Treo! In any case, here's my short list of apps that I consider essentail:

    email: snappermail/versamail 650 comes with latter so it depends what you need. Chatter is also great for puch IMAP.

    DTG7: already bundled with Treo

    Pocket Tunes: much better than bundled Real player on Treo

    Uninstall Manager from Very handy and keeps Treo clean!

    Memory manager: will need one to deal with constraints of NVFS on 650. I recommend PowerRun for newbies but others here like full fledged replacement launchers like Zlauncher.

    Backup app: Not sure which one is compatible yet: BackupbuddyVFS maybe?

    File manager: FileZ if FREE!

    IM: Verichat, Causerie, Chatopus, chatter etc. I use veichat

    Image viewer: AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $builtin$ $viewer$ $on$ $650$ $is$ $nice$, $but$ $Resco$ $is$ $probably$ $best$ $all$ $around$ $viewer$ $for$ $PalmOS$

    Media: Again bulitn is good afiak, but MMplayer and kinoma are recommend. Former plays native divx, mpg etc with conversion.

    Voice recorder app: Builtin only works for ringers afaikafaikafaik. $Soundrec$ $from$ $infinitybally$ $is$ $free$. $Also$ $checkout$ $audacity$, $PAR$ $etc$

    micelaneous freeware I recommend include: SiED, Moepaint, Clockpop, Bigclock v2.03/treo, VFSi, snapcalc, ereader, etc...
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    And all these programs now work on the 650, do they?

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