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    I just got my new Treo 650 but am having problems getting it to sync. First of all this is an upgrade from the 600. I followed the instructions which said if I want to transfer my personal information and applications then just proceed to load the new software and answer the questions. I went through it and at first had some difficulty in gettin it to sync but on the third try it started to sync. After it finished I started looking at the contacts, calendar etc. and noticed none of my information from my Outlook was coming through. I also notice that I had a lot of programs loaded that I really didn't want to have on the new unit. (at the end I was having some software problems on my 600 probably due to some program conflicts).
    So I had a bright idea. I did a hard reset on the 650 and proceeded to re-sync but creating a new username. It started to sync but got an error message about not finding Outlook folders and then quit. I have not been able to get it to sync since. I've uninstalled the Palmone software and reloaded it. When I connect the Treo and hit the sync button the computer recognizes the Palm and appears to setup the USB connection but no Hotsync. I've soft, hard reset the Treo etc to no avail. I called the technical support at Sprint. No help. He had me move the backup foler to the desktop and use the Quick Palm install to add the programs and files that I wanted. No sync. The sync icon exists and it appears to be on because I can exit. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    try to shut down the hot sync icon then go into programs and restart can try rebooting your pc it might work.

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