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    Anyone else having this problem?

    After setting up Versamail successfully to my work POP3 account, now when I try to see if I have any new messages by pressing "Get" mail, the software apparently makes the 650 reboot! Help!
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    I have two accounts setup on mine and its good to go. I check it manually and even let it fetch every 20 min or so. I would delete all accounts and start again.
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    mine would soft reset whenever I would launch it! I had to do a few hard resets to get it working. I think it may be "unsaved preferences" be the culprit. I spent 6 hours last night playing with my new toy.
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    mine is crashing halfway through my IMAP syncronization. This stinks. Actually I have spent the whole day waiting for my 650 to reboot after multiple crashes.
    What is wrong with this thing? EVERYTHING seems to make it crash!
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    I've gotten versamail to work with mailsnare and my Cornell Univ. account...

    However when I check email I get a box that says: "Sync Palm Changes..."
    It shows up for a few seconds before continuing to check for mail.

    What does this mean? How do I get rid of it?

    The palm desktop use to sync my versamail Cornell account with my desktop Eudora, but I turned that off from the Palm Desktop...
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    Is your account an MS-Exchange, IMAP or POP account? If it is an exchange account, it may be syncing your calander information.
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    I have both setup at Pop...

    The Univ account can be Pop or IMAP but with my old Kyocera 6035 I could only get pop to used the same/similar settings on versamail
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    I just noticed that I am not able to download the remainder of an individual email (in other words if I have a 5k limit set and the email is 8k).

    When I press the "get Message" button under "options" it will tell me that the remaining message or attachemnt is 3k. It asks if I want to download it- after hitting yes I am still left with the partial email. Anyone else notice this?

    In addition the "get message" choice should be located in a better position that would not require so much navigation to get to it.
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    anyone else having this problem?
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    Sorry, I'm not having this problem. I just tested it with a 40K message and had no problem downloading the entire thing.
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    Hello - I just started experiencing this. Versamail was working fine and is now causing the following problem (I did not add any apps in the meanwhile, so I can't figure out what may be causing this).

    When I get into Versamail, I notice that the screen flickers, and then the Treo does a soft reset.

    Everything else appears normal (all apps, internet, all work).

    Any thoughts?

    If I want to delete versamail and re-install, is there a copy on the CD? I can't seem to find the install file.

    Treo 650 rocks!

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    doing a bit of research would find this...
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    Thanks but the linked discussion is re: setup. My setup was working fine. The app now crashes a few seconds after I get in, sync or no sync.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!
    Treo 650 rocks!

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    My bad. Try this:

    ...especially message #2

    They really ought to consolidate all these Versamail bugs that are cropping up.
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    anyone else have this problem?
    I have no vision working at all

    have done 1 hotsync, and now
    opening versamail crashed phone
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    I have configured my versamail to work independently of my desktop and just DL messages from my web server. However, for some reason it doesn't get only new messages like my Treo 600 would. Everytime I hit 'get' it DLs all my mail which is VERY VERY annoying. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
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    i use as my isp, on my treo 600 i was able to use my pop3 mail acct to get incoming mail and had to use sprint pcs for out going mail.

    i've done this again with my new 650, and it will let me send mail, but it resest its self when i try to "get" new mail,

    anyone know why???

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    I would delete all account and start fresh. I would create again thru Versamail (if you didnt last time) application and sync over the new accounts. Also make sure also that your using the right POP3 and SMTP settings. Im using it with no setbacks.

    Good luck
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    its strange it worked fine yesterday, now as soon as i hit get new mail, it begins its process, tries to connect to the mail server, then boom i get the palm one screen,

    Starting over didnt do the trick, dam
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