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    Man, must have been way too much Pinot today. I just got the Treo 650 and I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to get it to sync with Now Contact. It will go through the sync process, but clearly it's not linked to Now Contact, and the conduits don't seem to be specific enough. Surprisingly, I can't find any good discussions of this.

    Anyone had success with this and might care to list the steps? I'm a long time Now Contact user and have 8000+ contacts; would hate to migrate to another platform just to sync, but would consider it if necessary!

    Much appreciated,
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    I'm having a similar problem. Now Contact worked fine on my Treo 600, but doesn't sync properly on my 650. I have a lot of contacts, too (about 6300). The strange part is that on most attempts to sync, all 6300 contacts are transferred to the Palm but the sync never completes properly. I either get an error message (a cryptic "0x4015") or the program hangs. Because the sync doesn't complete, I must "overwrite handheld" the next time or my contacts will be duplicated during the next sync (which takes about 15 minutes).
    Now Software gave me a bunch of suggestions, none of which have worked so far. The sync fails using both HotSync and Missing Sync 4.02. I have a feeling it's a bug somewhere that manifests itself with large contact files. Just a hunch though.
    I, too, am relunctant to migrate to another program. Entourage isn't as easy to use for entering/changing data and Apple's programs are a joke for anything more than a few hundred contacts.
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    I'm sycing with Now Contacts just fine. I "only" have 700 contacts though. I'm using a Treo 650, a wired sync (not bluetooth), and I'm running the version of Palm Desktop that came with the Treo on Mac OS 10.2.8.

    Good luck.

    Question - What do you all do that you have 5,000+ (presumably active) contacts?

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