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    I'm trying to use the 650 as a modem. I'm using the USB cable that came with the Treo (the one with the HotSync button), and I've installed WirelessModem software. The Mac doesn't see the phone.

    At the step where I go to choose the WirelessModem in the Network Port Configuration, that choice does not exist. According to the instructions from the WirelessModem software, that means I did something wrong. Not real clear what tho.

    Is this cable OK for the purpose? I've seen other posts about using other cables, why not this cable? Is there something different about the other USB cables?

    Why doesn't the WirelessModem option appear? I'm running the WirelessModem software.

    Inside Terminal, when I do `ls /dev`, there is not a device for the USB modem (like there was when I was using the KeySpan serial adapter and my Motorola StarTac phone).

    My Mac is Titanium G4, 10.3.6.

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    Try restarting your Mac with the 650 plugged in -- usually that forces the Mac to recognize the new device. Also, some Macs prefer one USB port over another -- for example, on my PowerBook 1Ghz Ti, I have to use USB port #1 for my phone to work,
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    Thanks for the tip, but that didn't work. I plugged in the phone to one of the USB ports on the Mac, turned on WirelessModem in the 650, and restarted. Then I opened the WirelessModem software on the Mac and went to System Preferences>Network>Show>Network Port Configurations. It never appears.

    Does it actually work on your system now (Treo 650 as a modem through USB)? If so, I'd be interested in the recipe for making it work. I found an article that says that WirelessModem doesn't work with the 650 yet (

    Maybe this thread is mixing messages, but I'm curious about the HotSync cable that came with the phone. It has fewer pins than the phone has contacts. What do the unconnected contacts do? Do the short USB cables have different pins?

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    My understanding is that the T650 and WirelessModem don't mix. The USB info inside the T650 has changed. Go to and navigate through the Palm software page to the users mailing list/archives and peruse the last month or so for info.
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    Well, hopefully the developer makes changes to the app so it works with the 650... I'm finding the Bluetooth DUN performance running about 30% compared to my Samsung i500 running DUN over USB, (eg. 30k over Bluetooth vs. 110k over USB).

    And that is just too much of a hit on performance, to get the "gee"whiz" factor of DUN with *truly* no wires.

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