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    Well i've got versamail set up so that it can find and connect with my company's exchange server. I know this only because when i tell it to "TEST" it find the server, no problem. So i know they must have a certain level of access turned on. But when i try to actually sync my mail and calendar, nothing. I get the following error:

    There was a problem syncing messages. (0006)Http/1.1500 Internal Server Error Connection: Close
    Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004
    20:57:17 GMT

    Then it just gives me the OK button, and i'm back to my inbox with no mail.

    Anyone have any suggestions. I do not have server access, but i know my IT guys well, and as long as i can give them simple directions, they'll probbaly help me out here. Most people here are on Blackberry's, but i'm really dying to make this work.
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    Gaa. I'm having the same problem, and I'm the admin. I've messed with every setting i can think of, to no avail. Anyone have this actuallt working? If so, got any handy tips?
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    I'm bumping this message only because i know somebody out here is also an exchange admin and must be able to get this damn thing working.

    We could certainly use some help.

    Thanks guys.
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    REM Background Fetch - A scheduled send & receive of emails performed in "REM Sleep" mode; allows for true background fetching of emails without turning the screen on; doesn't "hijack" the device in the middle of usage.

    This was a major plus point for the HS Mail App in the 600. Does VersaMail 3.0 on the 650 do this as well?
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    We have exchange 2003 setup and IMAP4 works fine. What, if anything do I have to do with exchange or my firewall to allow activesync to work? It is my company so they will do whatever I ask.
    Mark F Chinsky
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    I'm curious as to how frequently folks are synching their Versamail...I'm wondering (given the background downloading feature) how much of a battery drain frequent syncing would cause.
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    I have mine set to every 30 minutes. On my 600 I was also syncing every 30 minutes. I'd use my phone throughout the day for adding meetings, notes, etc and never ran into any battery issues. I also charge my phone every night too. So far with the 650 the battery life seems to be better as the screen now turns off during a call automatically. I'll change versamail to every 15 minutes today to see what type of battery drain my phone has.
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    Still trying to get this working. Don't know of anyone that has it working yet. Anyone?
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    i get the same problem. im updating exchange with all the latest fixes as we speak.
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    I'm in the same boat. I've done every thing I can think of to fix the exchange server, but can't get ActiveSync to work (500 error). I hope someone figures this BS out for us!
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    I resolved my HTTP 500 error. Seems you must use BOTH port 443 and port 80. To increae security, we had moved http/port 80 to another port years ago, but it looks like we have to open it up, unless someone else has another idea.

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