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    How do I reinstall the versamail conduit. I had to uninstall and reinstall everything because my 650 was flaky after doing an upgrade. I ended up doing a hard reset and starting from scratch. My results are 10x better than before and I would strongly urge anybody having doubts about their 650 to do this first before judging it.

    Sounds is great, screen is great, phone is great, the new voice dialer is incredible, and out of the box, the phone allows you to installl 90% of any apps you want on the SD card so memory is not an issue. I only keep my highly used mission critical apps in the lower 32megs.

    That being said, I can use versamail with my imap server but it won't sync on the desktop (like it did before I blew it out). There doesn't seem to be anything on the CD that reinstalls it and it doesn't show up in the Hotsync "Custom" dialog.

    Mark F Chinsky
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    There is another thread on this issue:

    In essence, you have to completely remove all palm apps (including registry keys), and re-install everything. You do have to complete the setup again, but you fortunately do not have to do a hard reset on the treo.

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