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    - Make available a free 128MB SD expansion card to Treo 650 purchasers on request to help with memory management until the ROM upgrade becomes available . (Details on this program will be posted on the support site in early December.)
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    Wow. I think I may have contracted foot in mouth disease.

    It may be the best solution available. Kudos on attempting to fix the issue.

    Thats a $6 solution that I dont think P1 will ignore again...
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    That's great news, so it looks like P1 does listen! I do, however, hope memory upgrades will be possible in the near future.
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    That's terrific, but hopefully they'll have the ROM upgrade by the time the GSM models roll out.
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    They did the right thing! And only 24 hours late! At this point, I am just numb over the whole thing. As long as my Treo600 holds out, I'll still wait to see how the "ROM" fix works.

    I guess if you yell loud enough, someone will hear...
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    This was a professional response from P1. A public committment to optimize memory with a ROM upgrade and an SD card for free. Memory cards are cheap, of course, but it's a courteous gesture. Hopefully, developers can incorporate some of the SDK features into their updates as well. Strong move P1.
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    Good for them, but I won't waste my time on a 128mb. I'm now thinking of going to a 1mb from a 512. I had a 256 in my 600.

    All I want is the Treo 700 a week earlier than everyone else!
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    P1 did the right thing. The SD card is a very nice touch. Classy move.
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    This means I can have more uncompressed WAV ringers eventually. I am happy. For now, I need to determine what I feel like doing with both a 256 MB SD card and a 128. Choices...
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    Kudos to Palm for owning up to the issue, providing a work around, and committing to a patch to help alleviate the problem. I'm sure there will still be complainers, but frankly you couldn't rip my Treo650 from my cold dead hands. I love it.
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    I think it's a great gesture and hope it calms a lot of people on this board down now about P1. Between that and a pending firmware update, it seems as though most of the issues being griped about will be solved. SDKs will always be SDKS - esp. with new architecture....
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    Ha! This is pretty much exactly what I said they'd do. Smart marketing move on their part. Don't expect a ROM change that truly fixes this any time soon unless it's one that simply removes some built-in apps like RealPlayer or something.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    ALso read this from Palmones site about NVFS:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(35222)
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    their recognition of the problem and the effort to remedy it is commendable. thankyou, palmone!

    this goes a long way to keeping your base loyal, reassuring since it proves they are responsive to our issues.

    hope we make progress from here.
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    Glad they are offering the SD card to those power users out there. So far I have just used about 1/2 the memory but this 650 is a whole new learning curve for me after having the Samsung i500 for a year and a half.
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    Personally I'm happier about the ROM update than the free 128mb SD card, but it's definitely classy of P1 to offer the card while we're waiting for the ROM update. (I'm waiting for GSM anyway.)

    Now as cheap as a 128mb SD may cost P1 I wonder if it's in the neighborhood of the $6 they apparently saved by not giving the 650 64mb in the first place?
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    Good job P1. When you make a mistake step up and admit it. People will forgive the mistake if you don't hide it. I wonder if they will have a swap program if they decide to increase the onboard memory?

    So what do I do with the 128MB SD card and my existing 512MB card?
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    Hmmm... I wonder is they will release this update for the T5 as well? It would make sense; however, PalmOne may think the T5 already has enough ram already....
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    Excellent! Way to stand behind your product!!!
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    Only if they would have seen this before this product was finalized, they should have increased it to 64, even 128. They money they spend on the SD cards would equal it. At least they are trying to resolve it.
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