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    I love my 650 but wanted let others know about this problem.

    Got it yesterday, spent hours last night setting it up and playing with it. Inserted the 16MB SD card from my m505, but nothing happened. No confirmation sound, and the card doesn't show up under Card Info ("No Card Inserted").

    Talked with Sprint because PalmOne's site said to go to the carrier for tech support, not them. I think this was the guy's first 650. He didn't know exactly what buttons to press, etc. as he led me through some things. He put me on hold as he asked a colleague about my problem. His colleague is apparently the expert there solely because he just got a 650, too. He said that I'd have to take it to a Sprint store, which I did this morning.

    Had to wait for 30 minutes at the store just to speak to someone. Really nice guy, but their tech had to "run some tests on it." Come back later. Oh, and this is the first 650 that had been in the store--they'd never seen one before. A couple of people asked me about it. (Hey, that's why we got 'em, isn't it? ) When I came back, the guy said that since they don't have any 650's in-house, he couldn't just hand me a replacement. I had to call Sprint Customer Care for a replacement and a box to return my broken one in.

    That's it. I called Sprint. They're sending me the new phone and box.

    So, anybody else have trouble with their 650 not recognizing SD cards?
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    Just wondering, did you try inserting any other card besides the one you used with the m505?
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    No, but the SD card works in my m505 and notebook, so I assume this confirms that the card is okay.
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    I am using a Sandisk Ultra II 1gb and I had no problems
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    Turns out that it was a bad install. Rather than use the converted info from my previous PDA (m505), I created a new account and moved stuff over by hand. Don't know exactly what broke it, though.

    Besides just moderate amounts of phonebook, memo, etc. data, this is what I had on my m505:

    Solitaire 1
    Tarzan e-book
    Ascii chart
    Parens Lite scientific calculator

    The palmOne install program that came with the T650 ditched the Tarzan e-book, Ascii chart, and the main AvantGo program (but kept a bunch of the AvantGo files for some reason). It just carried over SplashID, Solitaire 1, and Parens. I ditched Parens early on because the new palmOne calculator is so much better. I started yanking files, e.g., SplashID, and then resynching but that didn't help, so I just started over, like I said, with a new account. Everything's working great now.

    It's weird how synching for the first time caused my T650 to not recognize SD cards from then on. Sounds like the palmOne installation package doesn't do a perfect job of carrying over data from an old account to install on your new T650.

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