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    After much hesitancy and waffling first on whether to buy the 600 or the 650 and then whether to wait for any improvements on the 650, or a major price break on the 600 - I decided to just go for it and purchase the 650.

    I called Sprint telesales and within appx 7 minutes I completed my order (which includes the 18 month upgrade rebate form). The phone and rebate forms were in stock, and my unit is set to ship on Monday.

    The representative I had was very nice - and confirmed each aspect of my purchase (confirmed the phone WAS in stock and then rebate form WAS available to ship too). She even attempted to knock off the shipping charge (but sadly the computer wouldn't permit it).

    I went ahead and did it today because I figured most of my potential issues with the device will/would be fixed with a firmware upgrade. Memory, I believe won't be an issue for me based on my needs. And since the holidays are coming, I gather that the phone might be hard to get/back ordered for some time.

    Still - after reading this board for the past few days - the "buyers remorse" factor is in the back of my head and I hope that I made the right call. I just didn't want to wait several months for a memory fix (if one ever comes) - and the new screen, camera, bluetooth options were enough to push me over the edge past the 600.

    As a new TREO user, I will give my review after I have my unit set up. The last PALM device I had was a Palm VII. I'm most excited about having a "normal" keyboard and a decent email/web client on my phone because using my Sanyo 4900 (which I do love) is heinous when it comes to sending/surfing.
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    Slight frustration (not the end of the world, yet still frustrating). My shipment is finally in the UPS system for delivery, and even though Sprint sent it out on Friday - next day, UPS has the first scan in on Saturday (Just after midnight on Friday) so "next" business day is now Tuesday.

    All Friday to pick it up and it got scanned in after midnight LOL

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