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    I just received my second 650 in the mail, the one from P1. I'll likely return the Sprint one I got last week because it cost $30 more and doesn't have a free BT headset

    I use Backupman to backup 19MB on my first 650 and did a full restore to the new 650. It worked flawlessly. All apps appear to be working and no loss of data. BT hotsync with PBG4 after data transfer worked without incident.
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    I find that hard to believe
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    Quote Originally Posted by XistBoi
    I find that hard to believe
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    thanks for the post. Backup Man is a good program, but I wasn't sure it was working yet.
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    We received our Treo 650 today and are pleased to report that initial testing indicates that several of the critical bugs that plague the Tungsten T5 appear to be fixed in the Treo 650. We have only performed initial testing at this point, but we expect to have a new version of BackupMan available next week that includes workarounds for the non-critical issues on the Treo 650. Our other products will work without modification on the Treo 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by talkin73

    I don't mean to doubt - I just haven't heard ANYONE that is able to get it work. Maybe you have the magic touch!
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    Sweet! Backupman is great. And I already paid for it, making it double great. :-)
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    Its great but they are trying to fix it

    Some people have no probs others do

    Must have to do with how many programs you have
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    According to this thread BackupMan crashes are related to a patchable Docs2Go bug (?).
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    That isnt the case

    it has to do with a memory issue and this patch changed the memory that is all.

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