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    this places things in perspective. although i do have my issues with the memory situation being what it is, i still have to admire the overall elegance of the treo 650.

    i am not retracting my belief that there should be a shakeup at palmone in the area of who decides what features go into each device and how much of those features - ie ram - go in, but i do concede that palmone has the finest smartphone on the market... issues and all.

    there have been some real bonehead mistakes made with the last rollout. how you can screw up the evolution of such a marvelous device in the area of ram still boggles my mind. such a basic, fundamental component.. and some bungler makes such a poor, poor decision.

    even still, overall, palmone has a great phone. they need to learn from the mistakes and fix the issues as they are, but they have a great concept.
    like ive said, im a red sox fan, so im used to the ups and downs of routing for a team, or company, i should say, like palmone.

    despite our animated frustration, we couldnt go on the same way without a wonderful device like the treo.
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    Despite the date on the article, meethinks it was written before the memory hit the fan.

    As for me, I think the 650 will be good despite the stupid and no-excuse memory problem and the difficulties it will cause. But I am NOT buying it for my less tech-savy and memory hungry salespeople

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