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    For all you loyal Treocentral folks that want a Treo 600...

    11/30/2004 at
    12PM ET
    4PM ET
    9PM ET

    First come, first served. While supplies last. Only for American Express cardholders.
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    Is there a catch? I would think you could turn this over on ebay for $100 profit.
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    Looks like it's another offer from Amex to generate interest in their credit cards, get people to sign up, and stay cardholders. I don't think there's a catch. I read about the promotion on, but saw there was a Treo on there that some people would be interested in.
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    It shows that they are selling them to the first 300. I'm guessing that's 100 at each time period. It's only one per cardholder, so you probably have a pretty good shot at getting one if you're quick.

    Certainly a better shot than getting a BMW for $4,500.

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    Haha. I'll say on the odds of the Beamer! Good luck on being one of the 300! It's worth a shot!

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