Folks, it's been some hell of a week - or shall I say couple of weeks! We've had:

-Memory issue
-Memory issue temp fix (thanks silverado)
-Distribution woes
-BT DUN "hacked," "revealed," "released," - whatever you want to call it (thanks shadowmite)
-First successful Sprint-->Verizon conversion of a 650 (thanks mines)
-VersaMail woes
...and a host of other items

I just wanted to say LETS RELAX and unwind a little bit. It's time to enjoy good times with family and friends --> the people generally on receiving end of your data sessions and phone calls (I know, from time to time... )

I also want to say thanks to everyone for stepping up (SV too!). I've processed more P1/Treo info. in the past 2 weeks (ultimately culminating in a wifey decision to not short PLMO b/c of TC "rumors" - little does she know that that short cost her the Louis Vuitton bag for xmas ). I guess TJ Maxx will have to do.

Enjoy your holiday fellas and felines.