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    I just got an SD Card (my first!) for my Treo600. A 1GB SanDisk unit. I like it, but it sticks up above the top of the Treo just a little tiny bit, and that means it tends to pop out freqently, if I accidentally brush it with my hand or I try to stuff my wallet in the same pocket.

    Do all SD Cards do this, or do other brands come in smaller sizes that don't stick up?
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    there's a boatload of topics on this issue. use the search, luke.
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    Yep. This is why I love the Sena cases.
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    Get those silicone skin case...the thickness added acutally prevents SD card popping....Cheers
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    I took an exacto knife and shaved a TINY bit off the top...then I hit it with some 1000 grit wet/dry (dry, of course), and mine is ALMOST flush with the top and I have not accidentally ejected the card since.

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