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    Does Palm offer an extended warranty? I'm on my second Treo replacement, and my original warranty is about to expire. I did a search on, and found an extended warranty for many of the Palm units, but it didn't seem to apply to Treos.

    Anybody know?

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    Not on Treos. Your best bet is to try to get a coverage plan from your service provider, or add it to your listed items on your homeowners insurance.
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    what's the orignial warranty when purchased - is it 3 months?
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    1 year, its good warrenty IMHO.
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    doesn't warranty restart for 1 year once someone get a new/replacement unit?
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    My Treo600 just died on me 3 hours ago. Luckily there's still 36 days left in the warranty so have emailed PalmOne support for a replacement (my 2nd replacement). The one that I have now is actually a replacement unit (battery problem) I got about 6 months ago.

    With this kind of replacement record, I'd definitely sign up for an extended warranty. But with this kind of replacement record, maybe Palm knows something that we don't...
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    2 years warranty here in Finland
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    Yes can anyone give any details on insurance that is available for treo 600. I am getting one through cingular and i am very interested.
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    You can get a warranty from Sprint for $2 a month and a $10 deductible.
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    What is the replacement process for these cell phone company warranties? With the normal Palm warranty, they just send you a refurb when you call, and so far have seemed to be pretty good about it. With the cell company warranties, does it work the same way?
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    VZW has 4.99/month or 5.99/month plan. Both have $50 deductable. First one is good if you want to keep your treo < 1year. Any equipment failure goes to Palm, otherwise (loss, theft, etc) to 3rd party that VZW contracted for insurance. Second one lets you send Treo to VZW in any case and it does not run out even after Palm warranty is over.
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    In Singapore, standard warranty is 1 yr from the date of registration (web or mail).

    For replacements, there is an additional 90 days warranty if the replacement was received after the initial year.

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