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    How much of your settings and stuff came over to the 650 from a 600?
    Did you have any things you had to clean up manually or move to SD?
    Any noticeable RAM orphans come across that should not have?
    Any functional problems with Treo enhancing software?
    Any favorite apps no longer working?
    Just curious to know how the upgrade went for others. Mine was pretty clean. I have a few orphan files that I am nuking which should not have been migrated. I deactivated all my Butler, Lightwav and suchlike 600-enhancing software prior to upgrade. I also had turned off my Launcher replacer - it was on 160x160 mode so it was likely to cause bother.
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    Upgrading in this way is a good way to have instability as well as low memory issues on the 650.

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