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    My Treo has a significant problem beaming applications. The software in All receiving PDAs refuses to work. I get a EXP 290D error. The beaming is now practically lost. Please help
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    You need to perform a Battery Disconnect reset. This is a last resort step you can take to quickly drain the battery, wipe all data, and return to its factory state.

    Additionally, you won't be able to turn your Treo 600 back on until you connect it to a power adapter, so do not perform this type of reset if you're not near a power source and your Treo 600 charger.

    Before you proceed, you might as well backup your data. To create a backup folder, do the following:

    1. Create a new folder in the C: drive. Name it PalmBak.
    2. Using Windows Explorer, copy the original Palm folder (or Handspring folder, depending on your device) and paste it into the PalmBak folder you just created.
    3. Install the software into the existing Palm (or Handspring) folder.

    Now, to perform the Battery Disconnect reset:

    1. Hold down the K and Backspace keys simultaneously. (Note: for French AZERTY keyboard, press K and M; for other language overlays, please refer to the customer support for your region)
    2. While continuing to hold down the K and Backspace keys, press the reset button inside the hole on the back panel of your device.
    3. Finding it hard to do? Good. We made this type of reset very awkward to perform, so that it would not happen by accident when your Treo 600 is jostling around in a pocket or bag. Sorry for the inconvenience. You might want to enlist the help of a dexterous friend if you find it too difficult.
    4. Continue holding down K and Backspace. The screen will flash white briefly, and then go black. Release K and Backspace after this happens.
    5. To revive your Treo 600, connect it to the AC charger and plug the charger into a socket. The screen will stay blank for several seconds (as long as half a minute), and then it will turn on. The LED will glow solid red, indicating charging.

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    Thanks for the detailed response but why do I have to do all this ?? What is the problem with my TREO, and will I get ALL my applications back, I have added a lot of pictures to phone numbers.Will I lose all that ??

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