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    Not just once, or twice, or every now and then...every single time. It never fails. Select versamail, phone resets.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Is there another thread where this issue has been raised? I did not find any similar posts when I did a search.

    I will contact PalmOne tech support, but I know I'm likely to be on hold for a while--and I hate being on hold.

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    Michael, You've likely got some corrupted database files in Versamail, which is causing it to crash, and soft resetting your phone. You'll need to expunge those bastards. It's a pretty easy fix, though it will reset most of your settings on the phone. (Not that big a deal, though). Check it:,CASE=36541

    FYI, Palm's Knoweldge Base is a pretty decent resource for troubleshooting.; support; knowledge base; search field.

    Hope it helps.
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    Is anybody having problems with pictures not being able to load inside the email. All i get is the outline and a red X.
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    VersaMail should be called ReVersaMail (someone else on this board coined it). The "Re" would stand for "resets". There are so many bugs with ReVersaMail that I've stopped using it. One weird bug that comes to mind: you cannot set the sleep time of 1 am to 8 am, it'll tell you that it's an invalid time. I had to set it to 11:59 pm to 8 am as a compromise. I'm using the Mail app from the 600 which is problem free so far.
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    thanks for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argelius
    Is there any way to check all email accounts, rather than having to enter them individually and click on 'get'?

    will allow you to merge multiple accounts. fusemail will retrieve the mail...and when you have versamail "get" the mail ... you'll have all the mail from the selected accounts retrieved. this does away with the need to have multiple accounts set up on versa...
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