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    opt+right shift will dim the sceen on the 650. Anyone find something simular for the keyboard yet?
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    The blue button (Alt?) + P lets you adjust the screen brightness. The keyboard is WAY too bright at nite!
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    Yes, alt+p will let you adjust the brightness, opt+right shift will dim it, but is there any shortcut, or setting even for the keyboard brightness, or to just turn it off?

    I don't think the opt+right shift is documented.
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    No, not yet. There is an API for the keyboard light ("keylight"). When I spoke with Skillman at the Road Show he said it was at the top of his priority list (I guess second to "memory" now ) that a GUI be developed for the keylight. Once a GUI is developed we should be able to dim the light. The good news, at least, is that an API is there for the keylight.

    Alternatively, couldn't BrightCam be used to toggle the keylight on/off for now? I haven't tried it, but I'd imagine it could be done.

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