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    When I installed DB5, it took over the green phone button. When I deleted DB5, it did not give the button back. Couldn't not redifine in the Buttons prefs. Any ideas?
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    It's a known issue, if you go to yahoogroups and search for datebk5 you'll find thier forums. The writer of the program made a small program to fix that as well as a T650 compliant version.

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    It's been fixed in the latest beta for version 5.4.

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    Thanks. That link didn't work though. I tinkered with the link and changed p1 to p5 and got the latest.
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    I loaded the latest beta but can't find an option to remap the button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xenophonite
    Thanks. That link didn't work though. I tinkered with the link and changed p1 to p5 and got the latest.

    Here is an update from the Datebk5 forum:

    Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 20:11:46 -0000
    From: "cesdewar" <>
    Subject: DateBk5, V-5.4a, p5 Preview of next maintenance release

    Please note that a new V-5.4a release has been posted:

    This release addresses a somewhat obscure issue which on the Treo650
    can end up causing the first hard button to be "hijacked" by Datebk5
    with no easy way to reset it (since the PREFS app no longer allows
    you to reassign that button).

    This P5 release avoids that problem from reoccurring, and there is
    also a link to a small stub app:
    which will FIX this problem if it has already occurred (Just
    install, run and remove). This same problem might occur on the
    Tungsten T5 (although that's less likely to occur).

    This release also includes a workaround for the Treo650/T5 bug of
    deleting Todo's causing a bogus VFSDBCache.c error in the PalmOne
    DataManager patch which then crashes underneath Datebk5: this
    release changes all DmDeleteRecord function calls to DmArchiveRecord
    (..) which apparently works ok. I'll remove this workaround if/when
    PalmOne ever fixes their code.

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    Thanks to JBoogie, he posted this reply. It works perfect!!

    Re: datebk 5 hijacking


    Originally Posted by Bob VA
    Did you find a solution to the hijacking of the phone button?

    The developer patched it

    Install datebk5 as usual, then install the resetphonebutton.prc and run it and the 1st hardware button will be restored to the phone app.


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