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    Simple question, why buy the 650? Aside from bluetooth, and higher res screen, is there anything significant that the 600 can't do? Basically, I stopped using Palm a few years ago, and jump ship to a Pocket PC. Now I want to return, but I'm undecided about which Treo 2 purchase. I've browsed the specs on the 650, and I don't see any overwhelming tech advancements other than the BT, and the screen.
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    Maxio, I'm pretty much in the same ship as you (except I'm a VZW customer) and here's my reasoning. The 650 has a faster processor and non-volatile memory (which I've lost data before and my backup software didn't work) so this is a big help. Also the reviews state that the keyboard is easier to type. I don't have experience with a 600, but these three items alone would be worth the wait for me. And the screen is just icing on the cake. I just read in the Verizon forum that the sprint/VZW switch has been successful, so I may just go ahead and buy a sprint version and switch it over. Not quite sure though...think I'll wait until xmas before I do anything like that.
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    Once you see the screen you will buy it on the spot. I to had a PPC and must say this looks even better than that. Also its so much smoother when navigating than the T600. Blazer is another thing thats improved. I used to always get errors when sending photos and sms (I went thru 5 T6's and all did it). Now I dont and all i did was change from T6 to T650. The camera is another big change which also comes with 2x zoom and video recording, no matter if your indoors with low light. The keyboard is improved significantly.

    I can go on and on but why. Its your decision. Choose wisely.
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    I agree that a high res screen does make applications nicer to look at. This was one reason I left palm years ago, but I've come to realize that it's the applications that count. If most of the applications work well with the 600, then it may be a better value especially when the prices for the 600 begin to drop. I guess I want to make sure that aside from BT, and the enhancements, a 600 would be a better buy right now. Thanks for your input.
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    For the overall aesthetic experience- the buttons and keys are so much nicer to press. No more "fat fingering" words and sentences and launching wrong applications. Sometimes it's the little things that add up. damigs is right, the hi-res will make you want one instantly. If you own a 600 and don't want to upgrade, I advise not to look at a 650- it will probably reel you in. I must add the camera is immensely better, as well.
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    650... without question...

    all the aspects above are spot on!!!! it's just a nicer, cleaner, faster, prettier.... u get the point... machine
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    I was thinking about not upgrading from the Treo 600. It just didn't seem like a big enough jump. I finally decided it was worth a shot realizing that I can get the Sprint rebate and sell my old Treo for a nice penny on eBay.

    I found quite a few pleasant surprises. Well they aren't really surprises, but it was just that the improvements were better than I thought.

    1. The keyboard is ton better. The light-up keys are great and the size of the keys makes me feel like it's the Treo 300. I'd like to compare to a blackberry, but I don't have one around. Anyway, it's a vast improvement from the Treo 600 keys which were okay, but just not as fantastic as these.

    2. The web is usable. If you search my posts almost every one of them is complaining about the lack of wifi. This was because I found going to websites on the Treo 600 simply took too long. It was 2.5 minutes for the home page of CNN, thus to read one story you'd have to spend 5 minutes to get it loaded. On the Treo 650 links and text comes back in like the first 5-10 seconds. You can start navigating to the story right away and interupt the rest of the page. Total time for me to find an article on the home page is like 15 seconds and then clicking in and reading in another 5-10 seconds. The text doesn't completely format for another minute or so (it needs the pictures and stuff loaded to do that), but I don't need that most of the time to get the informatoin that I'm looking for. So it's about 30 seconds maybe to get to that article vs. 5 minutes. I'm going to slow down my cry for wifi even though that would make everything that much better.

    3. The usable camera. It's still not going to replace a real camera, but at night the Treo 650 is worth taking out of my pocket where I didn't bother with the Treo 600. Maybe I use it, maybe I don't, but it's nice to know it's there. If nothing else it'll be good for photo Caller ID as that's much more user friendly than it was on the Treo 600.

    4. I just got the bluetooth set up last night and I only called myself. I'm not sure if I'm liking it so much, but there are people who swear by it, so I figure it's worth mentioning.

    5. The screen is pretty much what I expected it to be, which is as fantastic as everyone is saying. It really adds to the web experience mentioned in #1.

    I realize that I've basically just compared everything to the Treo 600. I guess if you are coming from a PPC world those comparisons don't mean much. Well you could play with a Treo 600 at a Best Buy or something, and then attempt to multiply it, but you'd have to set aside a whole afternoon of playing to get all the enjoyment out of a Treo 600.

    I think what it comes down to is that the Treo 600 is considered by many to the best there is with very good reason. Now something comes along and bests it in some very solid and important ways (don't overlook the experience of having a better keyboard and screen, they translate to improvements in almost every app).

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