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    According to, CompUSA is selling these DLink USB Bluetooth adapters for 9.99 (after rebate) from 4pm till 10pm today only. I'm heading by the local CUSA after work to grab one:
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    I'll have to take a mid-day break. My colleague who monitors hot deals forums religiously told me about this yesterday.
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    Thanks for the info, I would pay double before shopping at Compu USA, but that's me.
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    Will it just be marked as 9.99? Is this available at all CompUSAs? I just ordered this from JRs for $40 and it shipped about 20 min ago. Damn looks like I will be returning that.
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    The BT adapter got decent reviews, so I figure for $10 it may be worth it. I may just buy on their website and pickup in store.

    I'm guessing it'll have a $30 rebate, but we'll see in about an hour...
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    Might be a tad late for most of you now, but I got two of the adapters. They are DLink BlueTooth Adapters, Bluetooth 1.1. You pay $29.99, and there is a $20 rebate form generated.

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