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    Got an old Samsung charger to work fine with the adapter and my Treo 650. Anyone want to sell their "Sprint Charger Adapter," I got a bunch of accessories that I can re-use.
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    Has anyone been able to get one of these "Sprint charger adapter"s? No one at customer service seems to know what I'm talking about when I mention it.

    Btw, be more concerned about lower current of adaptors than having greater than 1 amp. The phone is not gong to suck up the extra current capacity in a bigger charger. Lower amperage is worse, as charging becomes slow, and the charger heats up.
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    I wish the Treo would just use the same adapter as all sprint phones. I didn't care about it at first, but trying to charge your phone in your car is a nightmare. With the round chargers you just need to find the hole. With the palm charger u need to find the right pair of holes and even then you have figure out which side is up.

    PS. Is it just me, or do Sprint chargers slip out of the adapter that Palm ships with the phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDoom
    As a Radio Shack employee, who is waiting on his 650, let me tell you that I BELIEVE the A19 should also work. It is the tip listed for the Tungsten T5 and when I called iGo they said that was the tip they would market for the 650. I didn't believe the 650 HAD a place for the barrel-type connector A00, but I could be wrong, not having physically seen a 650 yet. Still, the iGo folks have NEVER steered me wrong, so I'd go with the A19. I'll let you know as soon as I get mine (next week, I worked a deal with my rep).
    I have the PPS for my iGo so I can charge my phone and laptop at the same time. I have a "P" tip for the PPS which mechanically fits the Sprint adapter cable. Does anyone know what voltage that tip puts out? Will it work for the 650??

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    These are fairly quick chargers, there might be electronics built in to the 650 charger designed to shut down when full battery charge is reached. Using a non-oem charger not designed for the 650 battery might be risky. Initially it may seem to work, but overcharging could eventually kill the battery. Then again, it might not make a difference. Just something to concider.
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