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    I know this isn't strictly related to the 650, but can you hotsync a 650 to two different desktop PC's. Reason I ask is in the past I've always synched my 300 and later my 600 to my work PC because that is where my calendar, contacts and notes are. But I should be getting my new 650 on Friday and I'll be home. I'd like to go ahead and hotsync with my home PC so I can go ahead and install pTunes, iSilo and Chatter. But next Monday, I'll want to then sync with my work PC to get my calendar and contacts, etc. Is this possible to do?
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    yes, I do it all the time. Make sure the device name in Hotsync set up is the same, as in "Firstname Lastname" or whatever. Also go into hotsync and select what you want to sync by using the "Custom..." command from the Hotsync icon in the tray (XP). Should give you what you want...
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    Yep, I sync with both personal desktop at home and laptop for work. One problen you may need to watch out for is duplicate items which you can avoid by using custom hotsync prefs, as mhorts recommended.
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    ditto, i do it all the time, in fact, i do it to 3 pc's, my laptop for when i'm on the road
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    As the others said, yes, it's very doable (been doing it since my Palm V). And again, it's just a matter of setting it up correctly in the HotSync Manager. Personally, I do most data entry directly on my Palm (Treo), so I typically have "Handheld overwrites Desktop" for the main apps/dbs.

    One thing to note, I had also switched from a Tungsten T to a T650, and the main 4 apps have had their names changed. The databases are still the same, but they will be listed seperately in the HotSync Manager. This caused me some problems because of I had them set to "Handheld overwrites Desktop".
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    This is great news. Thanks for all the help. What I plan on doing is just synching my calendar and contacts on my work PC, but have it setup so I can install programs and documents on my home PC as well. Thanks again for your help.
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    HI All,

    I now have the T650 working perfectly, all preferences set, both batteries charged, it is provisioned, paired with my bluespoon digital headset, and it is syncing great with my PC at the desk.

    I seem to have one problem though.

    When I attach the phone to my laptop (the second computer), which I use when I go on the road every other week (like others I need to keep outlook sync'd) the T650 goes into a reset loop, and requires a hard reset to quit looping.

    I then have to rename the backup folder, resync, re-pair the headset and the T650, and reset preferences. What a pain. Oddly enough, when it is reconnected to the PC, I have to go through the same process. I get a message that says I am syncing to another computer, and I say OK, but no go.

    The only app I have on the 650 is AOL 3.2.1, which by the way works better on the 650 than it did on the 600, no issues, and even the dpad works.... and I know some of you have issues with aol, but please, if your opinion is to just remove it from the 650 I would appreciate your comments, but not your slams. AOL is an integral part of my day and business, required by my employer, so I cant make a change, and dont want to do without it on the 650 if at all possible.

    So, here is my question.

    If I use the custom screen on hot sync, there isnt even an AOL option (I wouldnt mind not syncing it on the road), but there are a number of options I dont understand (no problem with contacts, calendar, notes, etc....).

    Can any of you help me understand what these options are, and whether or not I should adjust them to "do nothing" on the laptop to help this problem to go away?

    Quick install
    Versamail (I am not using)
    Treo pictures (I know what this is, will it hurt to turn it off on the laptop?)
    Install service templates
    Install to card
    Backup (I now know what backup is, and it seems like this might be the best solution, to set this to "do nothing").

    Thank-you for helping me with this issue. As I dont have to use the laptop until I go out of town next week, it is not urgent, but as soon as I get to my destination, and power up the laptop that evening, I will begin to make changes to the calendar, which is almost always done on the laptop and in the office on the PC, so the problem will raise its ugly head while on the road the first time I sync, which will not be as easy to deal with as here in the office.

    Any thoughts or help you can provide would be appreciated.

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