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    I always had a midi file problem ( could not download or beam from sounds app on 600) on my 600 from when I deleted the unsaved preferences file with fileZ.

    I want to be able to use my collection of ringers from my 600 on my 650.

    Any suggestions as to how to do this without orevwriting or deleting the new ringer database that came with the 650?

    As always, Thanks!
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    if you can set them up to download them from a web site, you just navigate to them and save them as sounds into your 650. there is probably a way to do it using palm midi desktop (free) as well.
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    I couldn't figure out how to installed MIDI files via the Quick Install app, but I was able to stick a bunch of MIDI files on web server and downloaded them via Blazer. I just saved them to the "Sounds" area (you get a choice between Sounds or the SD card). After doing that, you'll be prompted to save its name (you can change it) and then after that if you go to the Sounds application, under Tones, you'll be able to select your downloaded MIDI file.

    I had to do this individually for each file. I don't know if you can download a zip file and have it stick the files in the right place, or not.
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    You can use filez to copy the midi_ring_tones file over to the SD card. Then you can either load them into a simulator, install them on to a third treo and beam them or install them over the ones on the Treo 650. If you install them over the ones of the 650 back them up first. Then you could then email them to yourself and reinstall the original, now go download the ones that you wanted.


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