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    I cancelled my P1 order and have re-orderd thru Sprint. I paid the $3 extra for next day delivery and will get delivery on Friday. I cancelled with P1, because I was tired of waiting and had no idea how much longer it would have taken. At least now, I know I'll have a 650 before the weekend. I did give up the BT headphone, but heck I would have never probably used it anyway.

    I just hope that the issues some others are having, don't happen to me. I don't label myself as a "power user", so hopefully memory won't be an issue. Plus I plan on just doing a fresh install of all my software (pTunes, iSilo and Chatter mainly).
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    I got my 650 from Sprint last Friday and haven't had any problems yet.
    I cancelled my P1 order for fears of what has heppened with your order.
    I followed the '650 upgrade doc and transferred just the basics to the 650. Also, I'm trying out ZLauncher to move apps to the SD card, but at version 5.0 it still has some minor issues with the 650.

    Upgrade to 650:
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    Sprint's business site has finally listed the phone...first time I have seen it and I have been checking for awhile now.

    Treo 650 on sprint
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    Great find. Interesting that they list the prices for the 600 and 650 as the same.

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