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    I hear what you're saying, everyone (thanks), but it just seems like so many folks can't get it working. Still seems like more of a pain, when it doesn't work. (I guess that's kinda obvious, though).
    My way always works. But then - it's MY way, so it works for me, in my myopic mind.
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    I was hooked after my 3rd call and paid the dough. The only bugaboos I have had is when I say the name wrong like trying to call "Bill Clinton" when I have "William Clinton" in my contacts. If I say "Call Joe Blow at Work", it gets it every single time.

    Thing I can't figure out is why program keeps growing....starts out at 1.0 MB....then 1.3, 1.4, now at 1.6. I deleted it and reinstalled it twice so far to try and keep the size down.
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    I have never had a problem with even the most difficult names. You may have a backround noise issue ??

    I even added contacts like "home" and "office" in the company name and the number. Now I just say call home and connect....

    For me it is well worth the money. This is MUCH safer for driving than trying to hit a few letters and lookup a contact.
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    I finally figured out what had happened to my Voice Dialer function. It stopped working for 2 reasons:

    1. I have a huge contact data base having used a Palm from the earliest days. And in a separate thread someone else with the same issue discussed eliminating the back up files. So based on that I moved the Address DB file to my SD card. Although not immediately, this caused the soft reset ( I could see by pressing ##377# which said VoiceDialer couldn't open the database).

    2. When I restored the file, I ran into the second problem. I received a message saying that Voice Dialer won't work with more than 3,000 contacts. I had 3,162. When I deleted contacts to be under the limit it started working again.

    A heads up for those with huge--6 degrees of separation-- contacts.

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    in two words.. IT STINKS. Don't waste your money. Also, the company is unresponsive to technical problems. I got my money back after a thorough workover. What is PalmOne thinking ? Did they even try it before promoting it ?
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    Has anyone had better luck using tags with a BT headset? If so which ones? I think that is the way I would rather go. I am disapointed with the HBH-660 and I think my next BT will be one with voice tags, if it works that is.

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    Voice dialing via bluetooth has nothing to do with the headset. It is the phone which needs to support this feature. The treo 650 does not support voice dialing via bluetooth due to bad design by palmone. See here. This is one of the reasons I haven't bought a 650.
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    The main glitch with VoiceDial, IMO, is its inability to dial *82 numbers. I'd really like this functionality, since my phone number is blocked. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for an update.
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