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    We are rolling out 50+ Treos soon in our company, over 100 in next few months. Many already have a 600 and many will get the 650. We have packaged the 600 Palm Desktop so that it can be easily delivered to desktops, but that desktop version won't work with the 650.

    What about the 600 device on the Palm Desktop for the 650? We'd rather only support one package than have to create/maintain one for every Palm device.

    If not, Palm needs to have a single version that supports most recent Palms, at least by major OS level. A different Palm Desktop for every device will be a major resource hog to maintain in large corporate environments.
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    Off the bat I tried syncing my old T600 with my new Palm desktop for the T650 and it didnt work. Not sure why I ended up sycning on another pc for now. But curious to know if Palm has a fix for these situations.
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    I installed a fresh copy on my home machine of the T650 desktop client and sync'd my T600 to is perfectly in order to update the address and contacts book. I then sync;d up my T650 and it worked fine. I also installed over a older copy of Palm Desktop at work and again it worked fine. I also sync'd my Garmin Ique to the new desktop with no troubles.

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    Good to know that it's possible to work, but I wonder if Palm officially supports other devices on that version of the Desktop. Are you using the same HotSync ID for all devices?
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    No my Ique has a seperate ID but both my Treos were the same.

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    Thanks. Good to know. Just need to confirm that Palm will officially support it.
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