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    It took me quite awhile to set up my mail to sync up with Exchange ActiveSync and now that I do I notice this little detail:

    "Do you synchronize with Palm Desktop? Exchange ActiveSync may NOT be for you
    When you choose Exchange ActiveSync to get Outlook email on your smartphone, you'll also be synchronizing your Calendar data wirelessly at the same time. To prevent duplicates, information in your smartphone's Calendar will be deleted. It will be replaced with the Calendar information from the Exchange 2003 server. Generally, this is the same information as was on your handheld.

    However, if you synchronize your smartphone with Palm Desktop instead of Microsoft Outlook, and you choose Exchange ActiveSync, your Calendar data will be replaced with the information from the Exchange 2003 server. There is no way to synchronize only email and not Calendar using Exchange 2003; it's either both, or none. If you use Palm Desktop for your Calendar, we recommend not using Exchange ActiveSync to get your email. Instead, you may wish to use a third-party corporate email solution such as GoodLink, or a business-oriented solution from your mobile service provider (check your carrier's website for more info)."

    GoodLink isn't an option yet on our shared email hosting site (no option to get it to be an option).

    This means that I basically have to accept my work calendar as my personal calendar if I want to use Exchange ActiveSync. Unfortunately, I like to keep them separate as work doesn't need to know that I have to put together a bachelor party (for instance).

    What are the advantages of using Exchange ActiveSync vs. just accessing my Exchange account like it was pop account? I think I found the disadvantage of using Exchange ActiveSync.
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    In my opinion the entire Activesync implementation for exchange on the 650 stinks. I'm back with Goodlink.
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    Are there any pros and cons for using ActiveSync? I can't think of one pro vs. just treating as pop mail (unless I'm doing something wrong) and I can think of one huge con of losing the freedom to choose your calendaring option. Ideas?
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    It is nice to be able to get calendar invitations in email, but with accept/decline buttons that will modify and then re-sync your calendar. BUT... I've had issues with Versamail not seeing *old* messages in my exchange inbox. I mean, any messages I received *after* I set it up appeared in my inbox, but not older ones. And unlike other account types, there seems to be no "only show new messages" option, so I'm not yet sure what's up....
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    I guess the whole calendar thing is nice if you want calendar to be your corporate calendar. I personally want to keep my calendars separate like I do my e-mail. I think I'm probably in the 95th percentile with the opinion that work doesn't need to know what I do outside of work.

    I was under the impression this would finally give Blackberry-like instant e-mail notifications for people who have Exchange 2003 servers at work. It's unfortunate that isn't the case and it hijacks your calendar. That should have been explained a wee bit better in my opinion.
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    I have not been able to get ActiveSync to work. Until I get some help, I will just use the standard POP access. However, I can't the calendar to work. I read in the manual (yes, I actually looked there) that if there is an ActiveSync account set up, your calendar will not sync during a hotsync. So I deleted the ActiveSync account and, guess what?, still no calendar syncing via Hotsync. Any ideas? Thanks.

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