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    Is there any way to specify that Treo should not sync the snappermail files on every sync? Right now, syncing is taking about 10 minutes over bluetooth, and I don't have that much data. It just syncs this huge snappermail file every time. I'd love to be able to disable certain applications from syncing every time, and only sync them when I change some settings.
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    Yes. Go to the hotsync application, menu, conduit setup. You can check and uncheck what you want. I haven't tried it, just stumbled over it yesterday!
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    BT is SLOOOOOW compared to USB.
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    I'll try it. I looked before but didn't see any way to do this on a per application basis.
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    Bluetooth will never match USB. Even the original USB 1.1 is over 10x faster than bluetooth. USB 2.0 has transfer rates close to 50x faster.

    Bluetooth is designed to let devices communicate wirelessly without being a battery hog. 802.11 is nice 'n' fast, but chews through battery. It's nice to have bluetooth for HotSync when you don't have a cable handy...but a minisync will be a must-buy. enable/disable HotSync conduits, right-click on HotSync icon (in the tray at the bottom right of the Windows screen), left-click on "Custom". Pick conduit(s) from the list and click the "change" button to change the setting. NOTE: changes will only affect the next HotSync unless you check the "Set as default" option, which will make the change stick for all future HotSyncs.
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    Thanks. I turned off backup conduit, and I will try to remember to do that once a month or when I install new applications. That really speeds things up.

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