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    I got the 650 and set up my email. My problem is can I have multiple email addresses dump into one inbox? It doesn't seem that way?

    Also I can get email but not send when I try to send from either of my accounts I get a "501 Bad Sender address syntax"?


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    may be a long shot, but I assume on your 650 you are connected via your PCS vision services?
    If so might I suggest using the server. OR the i.p. of and you MUST put in your sprint email address and the password for the EMAIL not the vision, two different things there. Trust me I ran into the same issues you have here it would appear using my T608 bluetooth with my palm zire72. try this and let me know.
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    You need the change the outgoing mail (SMTP) server on your phone. Mine ported the settings from Outlook, where I was using comcast as my SMTP server. Well Comcast won't let you sign in from your phone. I had to change my SMTP to


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