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    Here's a website that lets you send faxes for free from the Internet, TPC Fax:

    Just fire up your browser and pop over to The page is low on graphics and loads quickly on the Treo 600. Fill in the blanks and your fax is sent.

    There are some limitations to TPC Fax (free is free, after all): The faxes have advertisements on the bottom of the page, you can only fax text, and while you can fax many cities and countries, it doesn't fax to everywhere.

    TPC Fax also lets you send a fax directly by email. More at

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    Very interesting...Thanks
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    Thanks. Worked perfectly. I tried from Web page send and as email. Both worked. I didn't see any advertisements on the fax. This will come in handy in a pinch to send someone a fax message. There's still business people out there that don't like to use email. Who can blame them. Trying to muddle through all of the spam today.

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