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    The first case I picked up was the JavoSkin silicone skin case. At first the case seemed like a good idea, offering good protection with minimal bulk. In execution, the case did not live up to my expectations. The silicone material was thicker than the silicone case I have for my Dell MP3 player (by Digital Lifestyle Outfitters) and this hindered how easily I could type. The Treo's buttons lost any positive tactile feel, required more effort to push down, and it was harder to read the secondary characters on the actual keys. This led to slower typing speed and a greater amount of mistyped keys.

    Furthermore, silicone cases are notorious for attracting dust and lint. Dust would accumulate very easily on the camera lens for instance. That same stickiness also makes the JavoSkin very unlikely to slip out of your hands. Conversely it is more difficult to slide easily into a pant pocket for instance.

    The Second Case

    While I am happy to report that Boxwave has released a similar case that has received positive comments so far, it was not yet available at the time I made my decision to seek out another case for my Treo. The Boxwave ActiveSkin case has a cutout for the keyboard, but is very similar to the JavoSkin case otherwise.

    I ordered up a Sena leather case in black, no belt clip. I had used a Sena case for my last PDA, an HP iPAQ 2215, and was quite happy with it. The leather was thin and not the most rugged, but the case fit snug, designed to be functional, and was affordable. The same could be said for the Sena case for the Treo. The leather is remarkably thin, which could be a positive or a negative. As a positive, it keeps the Treo slim, in fact the Treo with Sena case makes my Treo slimmer than my Treo in the JavoSkin case. On the flip side, it may be too delicate for some rough users. As soon as I received my case I used my favorite leather conditioner, which made the leather more supple and flexible.

    The fit is very snug. I actually have more difficulty getting the Treo out of the Sena case than the JavoSkin believe it or not. As I mentioned earlier, it does make my Treo slimmer than when it was in the silicone case.

    The leather case is fastened with a snap button but still maintains a slim profile. All the necessary cutouts are provided, reset hole, speaker, keyboard, volume buttons, charge port, sync port. I cannot verify if the Sena case will allow you to put the Treo in a cradle though, as I do not use one.

    The case is of the open-face variety, meaning there are no flaps or lids. I like this type of case, as it makes it very easy to use the Treo without being hindered by any flaps or lids. I think flaps or lids are unnecessary, with the Treo's keyguard feature. Unlike some other similar cases as well, the keyboard is not covered in a transparent plastic sheet. It is completely open.

    The case is leather and obviously corrects upon two flaws in the silicone case. It does not attract as much dust and lint, and it slides easily in and out of pockets.

    As I mentioned earlier, the case is snug. However, there are some minor issues with the workmanship. The case seems to distort a little around the keyboard and screen issues, since the leather is so thin and there is no rigid support to maintain the shape of the case. The case almost appears to be a bit stretched over the Treo's body. This is just a minor observation that does not hinder the functionality or integrity of the case however. There were also some loose threads which could be carefully snipped off.


    All in all, I am quite content. I was tempted to purchase the Boxwave skin case but will probably hold off as the Sena case has everything that I am looking for in a Treo case. Of paramount importance to me was maintaining a small form factor and easy usage (keyboard easy to type, slides in pockets easily).
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