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    Just trying to help here..

    When you have a reset, please go to the 'phone app' and dial ##377 (##ERR for error). This will tell you what casued the last reset and if you see a pattern, you can contact that app developer and give them the error and perahps help everyone out. Perhaps then we can get a record going in this post of what is casuing issues.

    "##377" then dial. It will give you the time,date, app (in most cases) and error (in most cases).

    I can't but help wonder, like with the 600 when it was new last October and it was having all the reset issues and 90% of them were apps that worked on the 300 and casued resets on the 600, if this too may be the case with the 650?

    My thinking was this, try the treo out for a day with ONLY the OEM apps, if it's stable then, if you install third pary app and then have issue, then it's most likly the thrid party apps. Mine has been 100% stable since 4:00 yesterday, so I am now going to try to load some THIRD PARTY apps, ONE AT A TIME.

    As I said, just trying to help here...Regards, Matt

    NOTE: if all of your ## codes don't seem to work, you may have loaded the Phone_logo app over from the Sprint600 during the first hotsync. Load FileZ onto your 650 and then delete this file and all should be good.

    Caution: Advance users only
    Not responsible for juked treos...

    Also, I did a complete backup of my users folder (my computer, Program files, handsprint (or Palm), then your username) and copied it all (including sub folders) and moved it some where else, then went into the backup of the exsisting one and deleted any app that was thrid party INCLUDING the "Saved_Preferences". getting rid of this will get rid of any possiable messed up configuration by forcing the 650 to make a new one. Then I followed all of Sprints instructions (including installing the new PALM PIM) and hotsynced.
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    Good catch

    I suspect that it may not be one single application or even a number of them that casue the resets. From what I've been reading and my own personal experience, a number of apps cause soft resets and a subset of those cause the looping resets, which are the real killer. I've seen people report Versamail, Ultrasoft Money, Printboy, eReader and Blazer all cause soft resets. Also, many looping resets are caused when you do a normal warm reset - no particular app is running when this happens.

    Versamail and Blazer are built in so it can't be a third party fault. It seems to me there is some basic flaw in the 650 code that makes a large number of apps unstable. Some of it may be related to the new file system, but I'm not sure that all resets can be fixed by vendors fixing their own apps. We may need a fix from Sprint/PalmOne to stabilize this beast.
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    PalmOne Handheld Upgrade Page

    Having problems after first HotSync operation?

    Treo 650 loops and resets after you synchronize. This could mean that your Treo 650's memory is too full to operate correctly. You'll need to perform a hard reset (this will delete all data on your device). Then, go into your Treo 650's user folder. Open the Backup folder. Delete applications you don't need. Try the synchronization again.

    Error: 'Handheld full. The data storage of the handheld is full.'

    Again, this means that you don't have enough room on your Treo 650 to let it run properly. Go into your Treo 650's user folder. Open the Backup folder. Delete applications you don't need. Try the synchronization again.
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    Running out of memory has been more of an issue than it need be because people aren't following the proper upgrade procedures causing the databases to be larger than they would be if they followed directions.

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