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    Once again I need help. I am about to deep 6 my bellsouth DSL. I just set up comcast cable in my home and will keep the bellsouth for a month to ease the xition. I added an acct to snapper and was pleased that I got it to work and I think I actually understand what I did. Heres the problem. I receive all my email fine but I can't send out. When I do it alm ost gets there but then I get the window that says it failed. It says relaying not allowed. Can someone enlighten me. I want to keep the snapper. If you would email me direct I would be very appreciative
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    Who is your cell provider? Comcast definitely allows relaying, but your cell provider may not.
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    Do you have POP3 email account? If so, let me know...I can probably help.
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    I got all squarred away-thanks

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