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    I ordered my T650 on monday and ported my number over at the same time. I recieved my unit yesterday and tried to set it up, no go. Sprint logo and all and the vision symbol and all but no service. I called sprint and they said it should be done by Saturday.. WTF 6 days at sprint when I ported my number out of sprint a year a go it took 12 hours. I'm now on 15 hours of 'activating' my phone and even vision hasnt kicked on. i know when i ported out i could make outbound calls just not recieve them on my new phone I can't even do that. Should Vision at least work?! Are there any ## codes to push vision down? I did one code last night with a tech and we verified the MSID was correct thats it....

    Other than that the unit is great, few quirks with software carryover but ok otherwise.

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    They provisioned mine in about 10 minutes.

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    I believe the number porting only happens a couple of times a week. I ordered my Treo last Thursday and they didn't port the number until Tuesday morning.

    At the same time I ordered a new treo with a new number and it worked out of the box.
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    Anywhere from 1 minute to 4 hours. If it is over 4 hours than I would talk to tier 2.

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    Interesting Chuckie I never thought that they might only do it a couple of times a week. Did you phone work AT ALL before they ported you?

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    Ugh just got off a 1+hr call to sprint, my provisioning is slated to take 6 days! WTF I asked... I had already called my current carrier they said they released my # within a hour of when I originally called Sprint to change over so thats not a problem. I can't get anyone in the portability department to help cause they are in India and read from a script. I literally got read the same line 4 times in a row each time with a different question prefacing it. When I asked to escalate to Tier 2 she flat out said no we no longer do that. I finally got a tech support poerson who said she had no clue why it would take that long and she wrote up a ticket to have someone look in to it.

    Why would it possibly take 6 days to port my number? I have a $600 paperweight until Sprint figures out what thier doing. How can some ppl have # port in 10 min to 2 hours when others days almsot a week? Anyone know some direct numbers to Tier 2 that might actually be able to DO something?

    Grrrrrr, it's stuff like this why I left Sprint in the first place, which incidentally took 2 hours to port OUT of Sprint.....


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