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    What is the best way to transfer my pictures to my SD card. My memory is getting low but I like to keep the pictures handy. I have a 1GB SD card so space is no problem. I have done a site search but I read about a lot of problems with people viewing the pictures on the sd card. Do I need to download a program to view the pictures on the sd card? Thanks for any suggestions. Happy Thanksgiving to all
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    Have a T600? if so, just go to your folder that has your ohotos, display the picture, hit your "menu" button followed be the letter "m" and then select "card" from the pull down choices....can also send your pictures directly to the MMC card by activating your camera, pull down the menu and under category, select your photos go directly to your card. Hope that helps!
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    Ok I was able to move the pictures to the sd card but now I can't find them. I assume they are on the card but where? Can anyone help. Thanks Mike
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    okay, im gonna try to explain so bear with me

    when u have your camera on, hit the drop down list on the lower right hand corner (under the 320 or 640 option). if u have your sd card in, u will see two dotted lines. anything above the top one refers to internal memery folders(albums) below that first line but above the bottem one is the sd card folders(albums).

    u can create albums on the sd card by selecting manage albums...tap on "card" at the top, then "new" at the bottom & give the album a name like "T650 Pictures."

    then when u follow the first steps u will see "T650 Pictures" in the drop down list & that will be where your pictures will default on your sd card.

    hope it helps because the manual didnt do a good job of covering this.
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    Great and clear explanation.

    A follow-up: i've got favorites set up so that when family calls, their pix pops up. If I move the pix to the SD card, as long as that SD card is inserted in the Treo, will their pix pop up?

    Also, how do you set up albums on the SD card? FYI, I use Mac OS and currently don't have card reader....required?

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