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    Rats. I tried the beta for Agendus on my 650. It was slow and clunky and I'm better off without it. But now, how do I know I got all the bad files? What if we assembled a "core list" of files we all have to have. "Don't dare delete these." Any other file might be fair game to remove from the unit. In a quick perusal of the web, I can't find where that's been done. Did I just miss it -- for the 650 in particular . . . or even for Palm Operating System 5?

    Can anyone out there help?
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    Well a hard reset will take you back to factory settings if that works for you
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    Thanks for the response, but, actually -- Not really. You see ... there might be programs even in the original mix that aren't absolutely necessary.
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    You need an uninstall manager. Checkout Uninstall Manager from

    It tracks all the apps installed on you Treo and helps to make deleting things easier in the future...
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