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    Anyone tried that? I guess in a review it received one of the higher scores.
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    I did on my 650 i could hear great but anyone i spoke to Di not want to speak with me they said the sound quality was unbearable. I sent it back and got a Motorola HS850
    Works Great !!!!!!!!!
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    There's a lot of static in my M2500 at my wifi-enabled home unless I have the phone within 3-4 feet of the headset; this is true on both the listening and the receiving end. This seems to be a common complaint about the Treo 650 and many headsets, but it is disappointing nonetheless. It works well in my car, though (8-year old Lexus GS300, still pretty quiet interior, without the radio on), with good volume in the receiver and no complaints from those that I call.

    People seem to have much less trouble with the new Motorola HS850. Though it costs $60 more than I paid for the M2500, I would spend it if it really would get rid of this static!

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