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    Much to my excitement, I just received my Treo 650 today... However, to my dismay, I soon discovered that it was unable to transmit audio during phone calls (no, my phone was not on mute). I am able to receive, send, and listen in on phone calls. I can also send and receive SMS messages, as well as connect to the Internet. Even after trying all three resets (soft, hard, system), it would still not allow me to transmit audio. I have, however, been able to verify that the microphone itself does indeed work (records videos w/ audio just fine).

    Has anyone else experienced or heard stories about this before?

    Anyhow, Sprint themselves are unable to identify the problem. So they are sending me a new one along with a return kit to send back my 'old' one. This of course, not before charging to my credit card 'just in case I dont return it.'
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    I used a new treo several times yesterday w/ customer service, trying to get vision to work, the final cust serv. rep said she could hardly hear me, that I was breaking up ... reception indicator was fine, 3-4 bars

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