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    I just finished installing the new Goodlink 3.8 on my Treo 650. The new UI(starting with 3.7) is gorgeous especially on the high res 650 screen. The data transfer performance is also much better than the 600. Overall it looks like the best solution for true full time two way wireless Outlook/Exchange synchronization. I don't work for Good or have any finanical interest in the company. I just think it is the best product available for this purpose. I tried wireless Activesync for Exchange but found it to be horribly slow and a very crippled implementation as it only does email and calendar entries and can't handle email subfolders.
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    how about the memory issue... good is huge.... i use it on my 600, how much space does it take up on the 650?
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    How did you get your hands on this version of GoodLink? Does it require a server update too?
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    The main app takes 1767K. The other items I think will depend on the size of your outlook data. My Outlook subfolders have probably 7,000 or so emails. With only a few other apps installed on my 650, I have about 6.5MB of free space after my Goodlink install and full sync of all Outlook data.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottyTreo
    How did you get your hands on this version of GoodLink? Does it require a server update too?
    You can get the latest version of GoodLink from their download site

    Considering is the latest version of GoodLink server I would say, "no" it does not require a server upgrade.
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    So it's better than 3.7 on th 600, huh?

    How about delays and button presses? Any delays like they are with the native contacts application, or is that resolved?
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    No delays with button presses here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttoppins
    No delays with button presses here.
    Nice. So, looks like Goodlink may solve the one issue I had with the 650. Maybe I'll give it another try.

    Thanks for the report.
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    the delay is still there, as it is related to the phone app and Good uses the phone app. The only other issue is that still has to initialize in order to find the contact, so you will get unknown caller rings if you haven't run GoodLink since the last reset.

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    Try turning off bluetooth. It seems to remove many of the delays of the 650. Maybe it is using too many resources searching for bluetooth connections?

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