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    Argh. Got my new 650 and am quite disappointed that the VersaMail utility doesn't display images that are included in HTML email messages. Is there any application out there that does?

    Thank in advance,

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    Nope. No email clients can do this, the best you'll get is a bunch of files at the bottom of the email which can be opened by an image viewer or your browser.
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    snapperfish: Thanks for the info - even if it's not what I wanted to hear. I did find a workaround: my ISP allows me to check my email via the web, so I just use THAT interface. It's a bit awkward doing so on the smaller than normal Blazer browser, but it works.

    BTW, my Treo reboots itself QUITE often when I use the Blazer browser. I'm disappointed - to put it politely - that Palm doesn't do better QA of their products. Is anyone else having the "reboot problem" with their 650?
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