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    I see alot of discussion about speaker problems on the handheld, but has anyone had the problem were speakers in the car, home, or office buzz (feedback) when the handheld is recieving data and is close to the external speaking. I'm using ATT and am on the GSM plan.
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    Yup. It is a problem. I am on the AT&T GSM plan, too. It causes all sorts of issues for me. Last week, I had to finally remove my desktop monitor from my office. I had it attached to my laptop to enjoy a bigger screen, but the interference was driving me nuts each time I got a call on my Treo 600. I am back to squinting at a small laptop screen now...but the buzzing is gone. Ugh!
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    I'm on a cingular phone, and if I point the antenna at my car stereo, I get the morse code buzzes. I've left my phone in my bedroom, and was able to hear the same thing through the baby monitor on the other side of the house.


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