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    Well everyone,

    It seems that even though I cancelled my P1 order twice, I just rcvd email confirmation that the 650 shipped today via Fedex for delivery tomorrow. I also got confirmation today that my Sprint T650 will arrive tomorrow as well. I will charge, attempt to transfer and then provision one of them after receipt. If I do in fact get a 2nd device, it occurs to me that some of you may be hungry for a unit. P1 just told me they shipped all the units they rcvd yesterday and today, and are backordered again, soooo, if you are interested in this unit, I may get paid sooner by you, than get a refund from either P1 or Sprint, so let me know, and we can work out a deal. I will update everyone tommorrow after one, and then the 2nd arrive, as promised.
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    I'm interested...please contact me when you receive the other one and we will talk. Thanks Jeff. Quicksilver
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